Felony Charges

Facing a criminal charge is ALWAYS a serious matter requiring serious defense. My criminal defense practice takes every case seriously. As an experienced defense lawyer, I know that even a misdemeanor can have a devastating effect upon your life. In my practice, there is no such thing as a simple criminal matter.

From DUI and Drug Charges to Vehicular Homicide, Invountary Manslaughter and Premeditated Murder, in Municipal, State or Federal Court, I provide defense of all criminal matters in Missouri or Kansas. Contact my office today for a free consultation to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case and to determine the best strategy for a strong defense.

When you are charged with a crime, it is not the time to pick a lawyer at random. You need a lawyer who has experience, practices in criminal defense, is known and respected in the jurisdiction where your case is charged, and is devoted to getting the very best result possible in your case.

Success in each case can be measured in different ways. The “gold standard” in criminal defense is outright acquittal of the charges at trial, or dismissal of the charges due to inadmissibility of evidence. Success in a manslaughter case or federal charges with damaging evidence may require extensive negotiations with the prosecutor for conviction on a lesser charge or a recommendation of probation as opposed to imprisonment. No matter what criminal charges you face, your defense should be thoroughly researched, meticulously planned and aggressively litigated. One of my criminal defense strategies is a simple one – I strive to work harder than the prosecution.

If you are facing criminal charges, do not leave the outcome of the case or your future to chance. Secure the representation, advice, and counsel of a qualified attorney with experience defending people against criminal charges.