A moving violation in any county in Missouri or Kansas can have a serious negative effect on your driver’s license and auto insurance rates, even if you have a perfect driving record. The Kansas Insurance Commissioner states that insurance companies in Kansas are required to give “good driver” discounts, which can be lost with even one moving violation on your record.

Premium increases can last for years and be anywhere from 5% to double! Drivers with multiple tickets on their record will often see the highest increases as insurance companies consider them higher risks than other drivers. In nearly every case it is worth it to hire a traffic lawyer to attempt to keep the ticket off of your record.

If you or someone you know has been issued a speeding or traffic citation in Missouri or Kansas, my law firm can help minimize the negative effects. Harris Law Office’s traffic lawyer may be able to amend or “fix” the speeding/traffic citation by negotiating with municipal prosecutors to turn the ticket into a parking ticket or by securing a diversion, depending on the circumstances of the ticket.

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