Buying a House

buyng a house in kansasThere’s not a much more exciting event than receiving the keys to your new home. Navigating the home-buying process to reach that point, however, can be cumbersome and overwhelming. Knowing what to expect each step along the way can help ease your stress so you can enjoy this momentous milestone. While certain guidelines can be useful to all homebuyers, there are state-specific considerations as well.

Should you work with a real estate agent?

A buyer’s real estate agent does more than show you properties in your area and price range. The agent also helps manage steps in the process, such as facilitating inspections, staying on top of paperwork, and representing you in negotiations. Assuming the seller’s agent has your interests in mind is a mistake because a seller’s agent is contractually bound to be biased toward his client. Professional organizations such as Missouri REALTORS® or the Kansas Association of REALTORS® are a great place to start if you’re looking for an agent.

What is property disclosure?

Almost no home is perfect. Sellers are required by law to disclose certain known defects to prospective buyers so they can make informed decisions about whether to buy the property in question. Some state real estate commissions provide an official form for this purpose, but the Kansas Real Estate Commission does not.

What is included in a purchasing agreement?

The purchasing agreement is a legally binding document that includes all of the terms and conditions of the sale, including details about the property, price, seller, buyer, and more. This contract should contain a provision allowing an inspection before closing.

Why should you get an inspection?

Even though sellers are required to disclose known defects, there may be problems with the property about which the seller is unaware. Or there may be the beginnings of issues that could become very serious in the near future. A licensed inspector can perform a visual appraisal to look for such defects so you can address them with the seller before the sale is final.

Are there legal title issues?

Your title company or attorney will research public records to ensure there are no issues preventing the clear transfer of title to the property. You purchase title insurance when you buy real estate to protect against any losses that might arise due to title issues that are not found during this search.

Are there rules for buying foreclosure property?

When it comes to buying foreclosure property in Kansas, you should know that Kansas offers a general right-to-redemption period. The previous owner may have up to one year after the sale to make good on the debt and reclaim the property.

Procure legal advice

State-specific residential real estate laws can be complicated. To ensure that you are properly prepared, please contact a real estate lawyer.