Legal Fees

In today’s competitive and complicated legal environment, you need a lawyer who is experienced, knowledgeable and capable, and will provide legal representation for a reasonable fee. Here is how we charge:

Family Law

Uncontested Divorce, Paternity, Modification or legal separation (both parties agree to everything) – Flat fee of $600

Plus additional fees depending on circumstances:

  • Children involved (custody / visitation / child support) – Add $300
  • Real estate involved (deed required) – Add $100
  • Each court hearing required (NOTE – some counties in Missouri, the affidavit counties, may not require a court hearing, and the matter can be handled by affidavit) – Add $300
  • 401k or retirement plan which needs to be divided between the parties through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) – Add $600

If contested (parties cannot agree on fair and equitable division of property/debts or on custody, visitation and child support) – Hourly, with $1,500 retainer required

Note that contested matters are accepted for the following counties in Kansas: Wilson, Woodson, Allen, Chautauqua, Montgomery and Elk.

Adoption – Flat fee of $1,500

Name change – Flat fee of $800

Personal Injury

Contingent fee
Losses based on contract

Traffic Law


Criminal Law