Uncontested Divorce Kit

Get started today on your “Harris Law Uncontested Divorce Kit” package!

Your Harris Law Uncontested Divorce Kit: to begin your uncontested divorce, separation, modification of custody, visitation, child support, or paternity case, please follow the instructions below. (Note: for files listed below, click on the link to view document and then choose “File/Save As” to save to your computer where you will be able to print.)

1. Download, print, read, and sign the client engagement agreement.

2. Download, print, read, and fill out the appropriate client questionnaire for your case:

3. Prepare check or money order with the correct amount:

  • $600 for those residing in a Missouri county that allows for divorce by affidavit.
  • $350 for those retaining Harris Law Office for unbundled, or limited scope, services.

Additional fees may apply as follows:

  1. $300 if children are involved.
  2. $100 if real estate is involved.
  3. $300 if a court hearing is required.
  4. $600 if a QDRO is required (to divide retirement plans).
  5. Additional fees may be incurred if our office expends an excessive amount of time chasing down and obtaining information which is required to be provided by the client on a thoroughly completed client questionnaire.

4. Mail both forms (the engagement agreement and appropriate questionnaire) and check or money order to:

P.O. Box 329,
712 Madison Street,
Fredonia, KS 66736

*Make check payable to G. Thomas Harris.