Uncontested Divorce Costs

$600 Flat Fee, Including Filing, for Uncontested Divorce

Your Missouri or Kansas divorce costs can be kept extremely low by filing for an uncontested divorce. Harris Law charges a flat $600 for an uncontested divorce. Depending on the circumstances of your case, additional fees could apply as follows:

  1. If marital property to be divided includes real estate, an additional fee of $100 is required.
  2. If children are involved, an additional fee of $300 is required for the preparation of additional pleadings and documents.
  3. If a QDRO is required to divide retirement plans, an additional fee of $600 is required.
  4. Additional fees may be incurred if our office expends an excessive amount of time chasing down and obtaining information which is required to be provided by the client on a thoroughly completed client questionnaire.
  5. There are a few counties in Missouri where a court hearing is required, even if filing by affidavit, if children are involved. If this is the case, a fee of $300 would be required for each additional court hearing. This fee is to cover the costs of retaining a local attorney to appear in court at the hearing as G. Thomas Harris is generally in other court hearings during the week. He will, however, remain the attorney of record during the entire divorce proceedings.
  6. If the matter turns out to be contested after the petition has been filed, you may then have to retain a local attorney to review the paperwork, and file your petition or other documents in a contested matter, or handle it from that point on if it has already been filed, to get the dissolution finalized after fighting it out with your spouse on the contested issues. Harris Law Office will only handle your Missouri or Kansas divorce as long as it remains uncontested.

There are 45 counties in Missouri which allow you to complete your divorce by affidavit. In all other counties in Missouri, a court hearing is required for an uncontested divorce. If your county does not allow filing by affidavit a court hearing will more than likely be required. By specializing in these uncontested matters, we can keep your Missouri divorce costs very low.